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Food Gifs

I video source my gifs. Food looks better when they're in action. The head chef of this delicious blog is Hina.

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Apr 23 '14


For recipe details and the full video go here. 

Apr 23 '14

(Source: eclatdeternite)

Apr 22 '14

Panda latte art (source)

(Source: tootricky)

Apr 17 '14
bacon, egg, and toast cups ©

(Source: knockingawesome)

Apr 16 '14
Apr 12 '14

Ramyeon! ✿


(Source: pastabaek)

Apr 8 '14

Chocolate Pot de Creme (x)

(Source: -kokoro)

Apr 5 '14

(Source: food-gifs)

Apr 4 '14
Apr 4 '14